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Three Strikes Initiative Garners Enough Signatures For November Election Ballot

Publication Date: 
April 30, 2012
The Stanford Daily
Kurt Chirbas

The Three Strikes Project led by Michael Romano is mentioned in the following Stanford Daily article by Kurt Chirbas acknowledging the program's success in getting enough signatures to put an initiative to modify California's Three Strikes Law on the November ballot.

More than 830,000 supporters signed an initiative drafted by members of Stanford Law School’s Three Strikes Project that, if passed by voters, would modify California’s Three Strikes Law. State election officials received the signatures last Thursday.

The initiative received 504,760 more signatures than needed, meaning it will appear on the November 2012 ballot pending approval by the secretary of state and county official boards.


Stanford Law School’s Three Strikes Project, established in 2006, represents individuals serving life sentences under the law. Michael Romano, the project’s director, told The Daily in November that the law has resulted in life imprisonment for relatively small crimes.

“That is not a way to run a state or a criminal justice policy,” Romano said. “A life sentence for petty theft or drug possession is excessive.”