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To Post Or Not To Post?

Publication Date: 
January 13, 2010
KCBS All News Radio 740 AM

Professor Mark A. Lemley discusses the ruling of whether to post video on the Internet from the Prop 8 trial:

"Well we've seen a move in the last several years towards greater public accessibility of federal court trials. There's been a pilot project in the ninth Circuit Court of Appeals which includes California to allow video in the civil cases. And I think this is part of that move so the surprising thing is not that Judge walker initially allowed video to be posted. The surprising thing in my view is that the Supreme Court took enough of an interest to stay that order."


"What are the benefits of allowing news media in the courtroom? For example it is precisely that the world can learn how the system of justice works. And if the system of justice failed the world will conceive that too ... At the end of the day it's the judge and the jury who are going to make the decisions. And that's true whether or not there were cameras in the court."