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Trading Jeans for a Stanford Sweater

Publication Date: 
May 21, 2007
The Recorder
Petra Pasternak

Professor Larry Marshall is quoted in a "San Francisco Recorder" story about the new Nonprofit and General Counsel Clinic (now called the Organizations and Transactions Clinic) and its director Jay Mitchell, who is quoted as well:

"Opening to students next spring, the Nonprofit and General Counsel Clinic will serve up opportunities to form new businesses, draft and negotiate contracts, assist with the funding and financing of projects and to advise on everything from governance to compliance. Mitchell, who takes the post of clinic director in August, says his task is simple: to encourage students to think like the client."

"Professor Larry Marshall, who oversees Stanford Law School's entire clinical program, said that Mitchell's transition from the private sector will drive home the fact that there need not be this 'great divide' between a transactional lawyer and a public interest lawyer."

"'We're trying to model for our students that a career doesn't have to be one or the other," said Marshall.

"Mitchell said building a program from the ground up is as attractive as the chance to switch gears from the corporate environment. 'It's an opportunity to do public-service work, which to me is very appealing and motivating,' he said.