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Twittering, Liveblogging And Chatting Lawrence Lessig At SXSW

Publication Date: 
March 14, 2009
Los Angeles Times
David Sarno

Professor Lawrence Lessig's lecture on Money, Lobbying and Democracy during the 2009 South by Southwest conference is mentioned in an article in the Los Angeles Times about twittering and liveblogging:

If you wanted to stay home from class but still enjoy a running commentary on, say, Lawrence Lessig's presentation on money, lobbying and democracy this morning, you need only have searched Twitter for the word "lessig." Dozens of twitchy-fingered participants contributed to a non-stop flow of Lessig notelets, quoting the Stanford law professor's pithiest formulations, summarizing his points, and finally tweeting in unison about the standing ovation Lessig got at the end. (Being one of the favorite voices of the digital culture crowd, he was not playing to a tough audience--except for this guy.)

Though I counted more than 500 tweets from the hour long talk, chatting was happening in more places than Twitter, too. Sitting prominently on the stage next to Lessig was a sign advertising a live chat room on Meebo, and a group of chroniclers was collectively transcribing the presentation on the live-blogging service Scribblelive.