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Two Lockouts, Each With a Different Playbook

Publication Date: 
July 09, 2011
The New York Times
Howard Beck

Professor William Gould is quoted by Howard Beck in this New York Times article on the NBA and NFL lockouts and what he thinks may be the "most attractive legal avenue" for the NBA.

The N.F.L.’s labor dispute commenced in March with all of the subtlety of an eight-man blitz. Within hours, the players had dissolved their union and sued the league, and the owners had imposed a lockout.

Then came the court hearings, more lawsuits, more lawyers, an injunction, a stay of the injunction and a lot of angry posturing.

On Friday — while N.F.L. lawyers parsed another court ruling — the N.B.A. quietly marked the eighth day of a surprisingly subdued lockout. No statements were issued, no lawsuits filed. The N.B.A. players union remains intact, at least for now.


“That’s the legal avenue that seems to be the one that’s most attractive for them,” said William Gould, a former chairman of the N.L.R.B., who now teaches at Stanford Law School.