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U.N. Warming Program Draws Fire

Publication Date: 
July 11, 2008
The Wall Street Journal
Jeffrey Ball

Professor Michael Wara is quoted in a Wall Street Journal article about a U.N. program that rewards new coal-fired power plant construction with carbon credits:

Critics say the U.N. program is straying from its purpose of promoting renewable-energy projects. "Coal is, like, climate enemy No. 1," says Michael Wara, a Stanford University lecturer who has published several papers criticizing the U.N. program. For every unit of power it produces, burning coal generates more greenhouse gas than burning natural gas.

Mr. Wara argues that India and China are already building more-efficient plants anyway, since doing so makes economic sense at a time of rising energy prices. Using the U.N. program to subsidize these plants wastes money that could be used for other clean-energy projects.