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Undergrads Shadow Law Life, Courseload

Publication Date: 
January 29, 2008
Stanford Daily
Salone Kapur
Professors Mark Lemley and Larry Lessig are quoted in the Stanford Daily about a week-long event during which undergraduates are able to get a glimpse of the law school experience by attending law school classes:

Law School Prof. Mark Lemley, who teaches “Introduction to Intellectual Property Law,” praised the goals set forth by Shadowing Week.

“I have participated since I arrived here [at Stanford Law School] in 2004,” he said. “I think it’s valuable for undergraduates considering a career in law to get a sense of what law school is really like, and the best way to do that is to see it in action.”

“The decision to go to law school is very difficult and extremely significant,” added Law School Prof. Lawrence Lessig. “I don’t encourage people to come directly to law school from undergraduate work. But if one is considering it, getting a clear sense of what law school is [like] is very important.”