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Update: African-American Who BART Police Stunned With Taser Freed From Jail

Publication Date: 
February 13, 2014
KQED - News Fix
David Weir

Professor Robert Weisberg weighs in on the legality of taser use by BART police with KQED's David Weir, after a recent incident was caught on video. 

KQED’s Isabell Angell reports: BART Police policy states Tasers should be used only when there is “immediate threat to bodily harm.”

Robert Weisberg, who teaches criminal justice at Stanford Law School, reviewed the video. He says it’s unclear if the man, identified as Robert Asberry, fits that description:

“The man was resisting persistently but not in any way that you would describe as aggressive, maybe not even in any way that you would describe as active. And no obvious reason you can tell from the tape, and again this is limited, that he was threatening any harm.”