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US Piracy Bill Can Hit Indian Sites Too

Publication Date: 
January 23, 2012
Indian Express
Atideb Sarka

Stanford Law School's Mark Lemley, David S. Levine, David G. Post are mentioned in an article for the Indian Express. Arideb Sarka filed the following report on how the PROTECT IP Act and Stop Online Piracy Act can affect Indian websites.

The copyright bills being considered in the US, which led to Wikipedia briefly shutting down in protest, would give the US authorities powers to take down websites based in India, too, if they are suspected of infringing copyright. The senate has put off voting on the PROTECT IP bill.

The PROTECT IP and Stop Online Piracy bills would affect Indian websites, says Pavan Duggal, a lawyer at the Supreme Court. “The laws have been drafted in mischievously broad terms, which are so wide that they are aiming to give extraterritorial applicability to such laws,” he says.


Last month, Mark Lemley, David S Levine and David G Post, internet lawyers at Stanford University, said: "Websites can be 'completely removed from circulation' - rendered unreachable by, and invisible to, Internet users in the United States and abroad - immediately upon application by the government, without any reasonable opportunity for the owner or operator of the website in question to be heard or to present evidence on his or her own behalf."