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Use Social Media To Get Into Law School

Publication Date: 
September 04, 2012
U.S. News & World Report - Education
Shawn P. O'Connor

Associate Dean of Admissions & Financial Aid Faye Deal's "Fayemous Admissions Blog," along with the twitter accounts of Professor Barbara van Schewick and Professor Mark Lemley are noted in this U.S. News and World Report regarding social media resources available to prospective law students.

After a survey of 128 law schools last year revealed that 37 percent of admissions offices look up applicants on Facebook or other social networking sites, most applicants now have a clear understanding of social media's potential risks in the law school admissions process. However, there is not as much conversation around how social media, when used correctly and appropriately, can help you get into the law school of your dreams.

Here are a few ways you can utilize the top social media outlets to reach your law school goals without jeopardizing your chances of admission:


• Twitter: As with Facebook, if you decide to follow a law school on Twitter, you should make your Twitter profile private unless you use Twitter purely as a professional tool. You can retweet posts you find interesting, but again, it is best not to Tweet any specific questions directly at the law school.

While the schools' Twitter pages will have much of the same information as their Facebook pages, the real benefit of Twitter is following professors. You can gain insights into the activities, thoughts, and opinions of Harvard Law School professors Jonathan Zittrain and Lawrence Lessig, Stanford Law School professors Barbara van Schewick and Mark Lemley, and many more.


• Blogs: On most law school admissions websites, you will find a link to the school's admissions blog. Sometimes, these blogs are written by the admissions dean, like Stanford Law School's admissions blog, which is authored by Associate Dean for Admissions and Financial Aid Faye Deal. Schools may also have blogs written by current students, such as Yale Law School's Student Perspectives blog.