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Welcome To The Future: Feedback, Please

Publication Date: 
May 19, 2010
The AmLaw Daily
Paul Lippe

Dean Larry Kramer is mentioned in this article on the central role of experimentation and feedback in accelerating innovations at law schools. Paul Lippe of The AmLaw Daily posted the story:

Last week I participated in "Building Better Lawyers," a meeting convened by Gillian Hadfield of USC and Anthony Kearns, the Australian lawyer and risk manager. It was an all-star crew of general counsel, academics, and law firm leaders, and we heard about a number of initiatives from law firms (e.g., DLAPiper and Howrey both implementing programs to better assess and train associates), law schools (e.g., Stanford, Northwestern, and Indiana all trying to make legal training more experiential and client-oriented), and clients (e.g., HP has hired five grads straight from elite law schools and is developing a focused “on-boarding” curriculum).

The discussion was informed and collegial, part of the ongoing and interconnected dialog between clients, firms, and law schools that will drive change not via formal consensus but rather experimentation and feedback. Larry Kramer, dean of Stanford, even challenged the group to provide more feedback to law schools to accelerate useful innovations.