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Where Are the Women?

Publication Date: 
October 09, 2013
The Wall Street Journal - The Accelerators
Caitlin Huston

Stanford Law Professor Vivek Wadhwa is quoted in The Daily Journal regarding Twitter's decision to go public with an all-male board of directors. 

Some founders and investors say yes, pointing to the dearth of women entrepreneurs. But others argue that the real problem is a shortage of women in fields like software development, where startups do most of their hiring. This week on The Accelerators, mentors voiced their opinions. Edited excerpts:

A Code Name for Sexism

Note the Twitter IPO filing. It shows that all of the board members are male, as are all its executives, except one lawyer the company added a few weeks ago, and all its investors.


I had said to the New York Times that the arrogance of the Silicon Valley mafia is male chauvinistic thinking. I asked how they dare think they could get away with this. Rather than responding to the issue, [Twitter CEO Richard] Costolo launched a personal attack on me.

I think that he is reflecting a common behavior in Silicon Valley, where power brokers tout their "pattern recognition" capabilities. Sadly, the pattern is nerdy white males.

To me, pattern recognition is a code name for sexism and racism. It must end.

— Vivek Wadhwa , vice president of academics and innovation at Singularity University, San Francisco.