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Who Should Change Your Mind?

Publication Date: 
January 19, 2007
Time Magazine
Francine Russo

Hank Greely is quoted in a Time magazine story about neuroethics.

... But not always. Americans, for example, can't currently be compelled to give a DNA sample. Nor can they be forced to submit to an MRI or have electrodes fixed to their skulls without consent or a court order, says Hank Greely, a Stanford law professor. But it's conceivable that prosecutors might become much more aggressive in demanding brain scans--"like a search warrant for the brain," he suggests. "There's little precedent, and we're moving into new and scary territory."

... Such ethical questions will eventually invade the home, Greely predicts. Suppose parents want to grill their teens about sex or drugs under a lie-detection MRI? Or try to make a rebellious kid docile? Ultimately, society will have to decide whether parents may do these things or whether child protective services should intervene. As brain science evolves, these questions will only get harder.