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Why Barack Obama, As President, Should Nominate Leading Law Professors For Seats On The Federal Appeals Court

Publication Date: 
December 15, 2008
Carl Tobias

Findlaw lists Professor and former Dean Kathleen M. Sullivan and Professor Pamela S. Karlan among the legal scholars who should be considered as appellate judges under Obama:

President-elect Barack Obama will receive much advice in the coming months. One valuable idea that his nascent administration should embrace and implement is nominating legal scholars to serve on the United States Courts of Appeals. Numerous legal academics are particularly well-suited to discharge the critical responsibility of delivering appellate justice.


Examples of highly-qualified legal scholars who would likely make superb appellate judges abound. Illustrative are Harvard Law Dean Elena Kagan, Yale Law Professor Judith Resnik, Harvard Law Professors Lani Guinier and Cass Sunstein, who is Obama's former University of Chicago colleague, and Stanford Law Professors Pamela Karlan and Kathleen Sullivan. Five University of California Law School Deans are also excellent candidates: Christopher Edley of UC Berkeley, Kevin Johnson of UC Davis, Nell Newton of UC Hastings, Erwin Chemerinsky of UC Irvine, and Michael Schill of UCLA.