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WikiLeaks Founder Faces Legal Wrangle

Publication Date: 
December 08, 2010
The Washington Post
Anthony Faiola and Jerry Markon

Senior Lecturer in Law, Allen Weiner, spoke to the Washington Post about the arrest of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange:

The detention Tuesday of Julian Assange, the elusive mastermind behind the WikiLeaks Web site, has pulled him from behind his laptop and into the international justice system.

But his potential extradition to face sexual assault allegations in Sweden could significantly complicate any U.S. attempt to quickly try him for releasing thousands of classified documents on the Internet.

Assange, who has been taunting world leaders by revealing sometimes embarrassing U.S. secrets, is now the center of an international tug of war, with his opponents calling him a dangerous agent against state secrecy and his supporters calling him a champion of the public's right to know.


Allen Weiner, director of the program in international and comparative law at Stanford Law School, said that such an outcome "would be lucky for the U.S. government. If we don't want him to be running around the world doing more WikiLeaks type of activity, we will have caught a break if he ends up being arrested, tried and convicted of a completely unrelated crime."