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With Growth Of Blogging On Campus, Stanford Gets Caught Up In Web 2.0

Publication Date: 
November 28, 2007
Stanford Report
Michael Peña

Stanford Report offered this glimpse of blogging:

The Internet search engine currently tracks more than 112 million blogs, while Stanford’s new blog directory lists just 60 to 70 of them—from the student-driven Unofficial Stanford Blog to that of Law School Professor Larry Lessig, who was blogging long before it was a blip on the world’s collective computer screen.

The blogs listed on the directory range from being completely Stanford-centric to those with content unrelated to Stanford at all. Rather, the reason why the university has decided to list them is to highlight the online contributions of members of the Stanford community—students, staff, faculty and alumni—who have embraced the new and dynamic ways of communicating and connecting to one another in the realm dubbed Web 2.0.