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With Its Ship Kang Nam, North Korea Tests UN's Resolve

Publication Date: 
June 19, 2009
The Christian Science Monitor
Gordon Lubold

Senior Lecturer in Law Allen S. Weiner is quoted in The Christian Science Monitor about a United Nations' resolution permitting the inspection of North Korean ships to prevent the country from shipping equipment or materials used to make nuclear weapons. The United States is reportedly tracking a North Korean ship suspected of containing banned nuclear materials:

The Kang Nam is the first vessel to be tracked under a new UN resolution aimed at preventing the North from shipping nuclear-related materials. The resolution passed last week after North Korea staged a missile test and a separate, underground test of a nuclear device.


Some analysts say the glass is half-full regarding the UN resolution. It has galvanized the international community against North Korea and that is a major step, they say.

"It's a pretty big step for the Security Council to take," notes Allen Weiner, a former State Department attorney specializing in international law and now a senior lecturer at the Stanford Law School. The sanctions, he says, "are not as much as we might like, but they are not bad."