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Woman Fined $1.92M For Sharing Music Online

Publication Date: 
June 19, 2009
KCBS Radio 740

Assosiate Director of the Fair Use Project Julie Ahrens is Interviewed on KCBS Radio in a news segment about a $1.92 million verdict against a woman in Minnesota for sharing music over the Internet. The following is a quote from the transcript:

Ahrens: To clarify it was a jury verdict that was entered, so the jury selected the actual dollar amount, coming up with $80,000 per song. It becomes very clear that the Copyright Act, which allows for a range of fines or fees in this kind of case up to $150,000 per work, gives quite a broad range for a jury verdict, which clearly doesn’t match the damages that were suffered or doesn't fit the crime, so-to-speak.