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Women Are Squarely In The Picture Where Law And Technology Combine

Publication Date: 
April 01, 2014
ABA Journal
Lauren Etter

CodeX Director Roland Vogl spoke with the ABA Journal's Lauren Etter about how he's seeing more woman in legal tech. 

When Alison Monahan, founder of the Girl's Guide to Law School website, went to a high-profile legal technology conference last year in Silicon Valley, she noticed something missing on the roster of speakers: women.

"There was really only one woman speaking the entire day," she says. "I thought, 'Really? That's the best you can do?'"


Roland Vogl, executive director at both the Stanford Program in Law, Science & Technology and at CodeX—the Stanford Center for Legal Informatics, says he's seeing more women in the field.

"When we started out with our center, it was kind of rare to see women come to our group meetings," Vogl says. "In the recent past, more women have been coming—women entrepreneurs with interesting ideas." In fact, Vogl says that the most recent annual CodeX conference, a hub for legal tech entrepreneurs, drew more women than ever. In the future there could be even more. He says CodeX doesn't currently have any female-specific events or panels but adds: "We should do something like that."