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'You'll face choices that test your nerve,' professor tells Law School graduates

Publication Date: 
May 09, 2007
Stanford Report
Amy Poftak

The law school's 2007 commencement exercises are featured in the "Stanford Report." Keynote speaker Professor George Fisher and Dean Larry Kramer were quoted:

"Not long from now, you'll face choices that test your nerve. And you will learn as I did that one option you never will have is not to decide," said Fisher.

He continued: "You will be rookies. You may have cheap desks in bad offices; you may spend your days doing document review. You may have six levels of hierarchy over your heads. But still it will be true, beginning with the first decision you make, that every decision you make will be your own."

Law School Dean Larry Kramer closed the ceremony by telling graduates: "The problems your generation faces are bigger, more complicated and even scarier [than mine]," citing terrorism, new diseases and global warming as examples. "By shrinking the globe … we magnified the costs of any mistakes.

"We messed things up and now it falls to you, our children, to fix it. So that your children will be able to hear a speech like this, but won't have to," he said.