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Matter of T

The clinic assisted T, a longtime lawful permanent resident (“green card” holder) of the United States, originally from Taiwan, avoid deportation due to minor petty theft convictions. T has lived in the United States for nearly three decades and has raised two U.S. citizen children here. She is also a leader in her community having received numerous awards and other accolades for her work with children. After a lengthy trial before the San Francisco Immigration Court, the judge granted T’s request to allow her to keep her green card and remain in the United States indefinitely.

Ben Good (‘13) and Alan Drosdick (‘13), building off the work of former IRC students Marcus Perkins (‘12) and Adrian Garcia (‘12), worked tirelessly to defend T at her deportation trial before the San Francisco Immigration Court. They prepared an extensive pre-hearing filing, which included declarations from their client and witnesses and other documentary evidence; they worked countless hours in preparing their client and witnesses to testify in Court (including preparing their direct and cross examinations); and they prepared opening and closing arguments to present to the judge. In granting T’s request, the judge applauded Ben, Alan, Marcus, and Adrian for their work before the Court.