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Juelsgaard Intellectual Property and Innovation Clinic


Established with generous support from Stephen Juelsgaard, JD ’82, the Juelsgaard Intellectual Property and Innovation Clinic provides an opportunity for students to advocate on behalf of clients for the development and application of intellectual property law and regulatory policy in ways that maximize the underlying goals of those laws and regulations:  promoting innovation, creativity and generativity.  Students represent important stakeholders such as national and regional non-profit organizations, groups or associations of innovators, entrepreneurs, technology users or consumers, economists, technologists, legal academics, and the like, and occasionally individual inventors, start-ups, journalists, or researchers, seeking to promote an approach to IP policy that is more informed, thoughtful, nuanced and balanced than might otherwise be the case.

Under the close supervision of clinic director Phil Malone, students will focus on complex matters of patent, copyright, trademark, antitrust, privacy, security and other law and regulation in areas ranging from biotechnology to information technology, pharmaceuticals, clean technology, and the creation and distribution of information.  The clinic will be primarily policy focused, exposing students to the vital role lawyers play in developing public policy through tools that may include amicus briefs; comments or testimony in rulemaking and regulatory proceedings (i.e., DMCA exemption requests, comments to the PTO, FTC, FDA and other federal or state regulatory agencies, comments to OSTP on issues such as open access, privacy or open data, etc.); comments or testimony on proposed legislation; and public whitepapers or other “best practices” documents.  In all these settings, the Clinic’s core mission is foster innovation: to ensure a regulatory climate that is appropriately sensitive to the ways in which law—whether through litigation, legislation, or regulation—can serve to promote (or frustrate) the inventiveness, creativity, and entrepreneurship that provide the real engine for economic growth.

We are currently searching for a Clinical Supervising Attorney and Lecturer in Law to help lead the Clinic’s work.  See the job announcement here