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Case of Juliet J.*

Michael Reynolds ('13) and Nicholas Moreno ('14) represented 14-year-old Juliet J.*, an eighth grader who had been out of school for six months with severe anxiety and depression, while contending with a school district that had been unresponsive to the extreme bullying she had faced at school.

Juliet's guardian asked YELP for assistance amidst a crisis: she feared for Juliet's personal safety following her impending discharge from a psychiatric hospitalization, Juliet's fourteenth on account of suicidal declarations. 

Michael and Nicholas performed a rapid investigation before meeting with the school district's superintendent.  They were able to negotiate a temporary residential placement for Juliet upon her release from the hospital so that negotiations about a more permanent solution could be identified.  Ultimately, Michael and Nicholas assisted Juliet's family in securing a full-time educational residential placement at a top facility, providing Juliet with a safe environment to de-escalate and learn, and renewing hope for her family.

*Names have been changed to protect client confidentiality.