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SLS Photo Database Access


General info & How to get access (to Law School photos)


1.  Where are Law School photos?

The digital photo database for Stanford University (including Stanford Law School) is kept in SALLIE/Cumulus. SALLIE and Cumulus work in tandem.

2.  How do I get access to (the Law School's photos in) SALLIE/Cumulus?

  • 2A) Access to view:  If you are a Law School student, you can view Law School photos. (If you then find a photo you'd like to download, please email for help.)
  • 2B) Access to view & download:  If you are a member of the Law School staff or faculty, you can view & download Law School photos.
  • 2C) Access to view, download & upload:  If you are a member of the Law School staff, faculty or student/temp staff, and you need to upload your department’s photos please email Please briefly describe your Law School affiliation and include your SUNet ID.

3.  What are SALLIE and Cumulus, and what is the difference between them?

  • SALLIE ( is a web site (a.k.a., a web interface) created by Stanford University (a joint effort by University Communications & Administrative Systems). The SALLIE web site is a campus-wide system for managing and sharing digital photos.
  • Cumulus is software; it is digital asset management (DAM) client software created by

4.  Which one should I use (SALLIE or Cumulus)?

Depending on your goal, see this chart:

 In:  Sallie  Cumulus
 Can I download photos?  YES  YES
 Can I create collections and share them with other people?  YES  YES
 Can I upload photos?  NO  YES
 Can I edit the info about the photos?  NO  YES


5.  Why are both SALLIE and Cumulus necessary?

  • The Cumulus client software is needed to control what photos wind up in the database. (Photos cannot be uploaded using SALLIE, only Cumulus.) Since use of Cumulus is only granted to certain staff, this ensures that only relevant photos are added.
  • The SALLIE web site was created to improve how different departments across campus share photos with each other and with members of the (non-Stanford-affiliated) public. It allows for different levels of access, so each Stanford department is able choose which (if any) of their photos are accessible, and to whom.

6.  Are the photos the same in SALLIE and Cumulus?

Yes. All the photos are only in one database. (You just access them via SALLIE or Cumulus.)


How to get in SALLIE / Cumulus (once access has been granted to Law School photos)


7.  How do I get SALLIE?

Go to and click the large "Login to SALLIE" button.

8.  How do I login to SALLIE?

With your SUNet ID. Once logged-in, because you are a Law School affiliate, you have access to the Law School’s photos AND other Stanford departments’ photos (that is, whichever ones other departments have made viewable via SUNet IDs).

9.  How do I get Cumulus?

If you don't have the Cumulus client software installed on your computer, go to Choose Windows or Mac, as appropriate. Then follow the usual steps in installing any software.

10.  How do I login to Cumulus?

With your SUNet ID. Once logged-in, because you are a Law School affiliate, you can only access the Law School’s photos. You cannot access other Stanford departments’ photos.


How to use SALLIE / Cumulus (get started)


11. I'm logged in to SALLIE. Now what?

Recommended first step is to "Select a Catalog" from the left hand side (drop-down menu). Select "Law_School" to limit what you see to only Law School (not other Stanford departments') photos. 

Whether you do that first step or not, you can search by typing what you're looking for in the "Search for" field on the right hand side. 

12.  How do I find, download, etc, photos in SALLIE?

Guide to using SALLIE:

13.  Once I find photos I want, is it OK to use them in a publication?

To ensure copyright and privacy rights, use of Law School photos must be carefully considered—especially if the photos are for use in a publication (online or in print). Email the SLS Communications department for help with copyright/privacy questions.

14.  What’s the best way to upload photos into Cumulus?

Guide to using Cumulus at the Law School: [coming soon]

Email to request in-person help/training.

15.  What’s wrong? I see certain photos in SALLIE but not in Cumulus (or vice-versa).

You may not be searching/viewing in the best way to achieve your goal. (Cumulus and SALLIE both offer many different ways to search/view.) Once photos are uploaded in Cumulus, they instantly appear in SALLIE; there is no delay. Email for help.


How to use SALLIE / Cumulus (more help / training)


Email to request in-person help/training.

Guide to using SALLIE:

Also, Stanford staff can get individualized help with SALLIE/Cumulus.

What:  Administrative Systems Open Lab
When:  Every Friday, 9:00am - Noon (drop-in)
Where:  Birch Lab B (215 Panama Street)
Drop-in and get answers to your questions about SALLIE/Cumulus, and tips to improve your workflow. Staff who are new to SALLIE/Cumulus and need a tutorial are also welcome.
Guide to using Cumulus at the Law School: [coming soon]