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Office of Student Affairs


Law School examinations are conducted in accordance with the University's Honor Code, under procedures described more fully in the Student Handbook. Here are some things you need to know.

If you have any questions about exams or during your exam or are too sick to take an exam, contact either:

Cathy Glaze   Associate Dean for Student Affairs
650 723.6203
Kim Borg   Office of the Registrar
650 725.0145

All examinations are graded on a "blind" basis. This means that students cannot contact the instructor during the examination or about the exam at any time before receiving a grade. If questions arise regarding interpretation of the examination, contact the Registrar. The Registrar will contact the instructor, as needed. If you have concerns about the exam at any time, contact Cathy Glaze. Any attempt to contact an instructor about an exam between the regularly scheduled exam date and the date the exam grades are posted may be interpreted as a violation of the Honor Code and/or the Fundamental Standard.

Students are not permitted to access any digital sources during in-class exams. Even if your exam is open book, any source you consult (including your outline) must be in printed or handwritten form. Digital sources are not allowed. Students may not log on to the internet or access other documents on their computer during an examination.

One-Day Take-Home Examinations are handed out and returned on the same day, usually beginning at 8:30 a.m. and ending at 4:30 p.m. The Registrar's Office distributes and collects the take-home exams. One-day take-home examinations are open-book, but students may not discuss a one-day examination among themselves unless the instructor specifically grants permission to do so.

Extended Take-Home Examinations are taken over a much longer period of time. The student picks up the examination from the Registrar no later than the last regularly scheduled day of classes. The examination is due back to the Registrar's Office no earlier than 24 hours following the last scheduled day of examinations for courses open to second- and third-year students. Extended take-home examinations are open-book and instructors must permit full discussion among students about the examination if it is an extended take-home examination.

Failure to sit for an exam. A student who is absent from an examination session without prior permission from the Associate Dean for Student Affairs will receive a failing grade of F or NK for the course.

Advance exam rescheduling is possible where students have a conflicting examination schedule (i.e., examinations occurring at the same time) or a burdensome examination schedule (i.e., three exams in three or fewer consecutive calendar days, a religious conflict on the scheduled exam day, or one-day take home examinations on two consecutive calendar days. In most instances, if a single examination is moved, it will be scheduled for the makeup examination day. Rescheduled examinations will not be given prior to the regularly scheduled examination date. Therefore, if a student needs to reschedule more than one exam, it is possible that he or she will need to take exams after the normally scheduled make-up day.

Exam administration procedures. Stanford Law School has specific exam procedures in addition to those already mentioned. Students are expected to be aware of and to follow all these procedures.

Specific Exam Procedures