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Office of the Registrar

Cross-Registration in Other Schools and Departments of the University

To broaden the educational base of their legal training, to encourage interaction with experts in a variety of fields with whom lawyers work over the course of their professional careers, and to increase their capacity to bring a multiplicity of disciplinary perspectives to bear on complex issues, Stanford Law School encourages students to pursue courses of instruction in other disciplines, subject to the following:

General Policy

The Dean, or his delegate, shall designate certain courses offered at the University that any Stanford Law student shall be permitted to enroll in, without petition, so long as that student certifies that he or she has not taken the course or a substantially equivalent course in the past.



Stanford University Courses Approved for Law School Credit without Petition are listed in SLSNavigator


If the student has taken the course or a substantially equivalent course in the past, he or she may take the course for credit, with the approval of the Petitions Committee, only upon making a showing that the skills taught in the course are central to his or her academic or career plans, and that there is good reason that his or her skills have atrophied since he or she first took a substantially similar or identical course. Such petitions shall be granted only in extraordinary circumstances.

If a student wishes to enroll in a class that has not been designated by the Dean or the Dean's delegate pursuant to the foregoing section, the student may petition to take that class so long as he or she shows that the class bears a close and significant relationship to the student's academic or career plans. Petitions are available in the Law School Registrar's Office (room 100) and on website under Petition Process & Forms at


You should carefully review the Law School Student Handbook for a complete description of the policies and limitations on taking courses outside the Law School.

How To Register For A Stanford University Course Outside The Law School

You can enroll in a course in another department or program in Axess. Click on the Student Center tab and then click on Enrollment Add from the drop down menu under Academics. Some courses may have special enrollment instructions and restrictions. See Non-Law Course Descriptions below.

Graduate School of Business Courses

If you are interested in taking a course at GSB, please see the instructions at

Non-Law Course Descriptions

See the Stanford Bulletin's Explore Courses web site for course descriptions and class scheduling. The Bulletin's Explore Degrees web site publishes information on Stanford's schools, departments, and interdisciplinary programs.