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Stanford Law School Archives

SLS Oral History Series

The Stanford Law School Oral History Series aims to collect and preserve the voices and memories of members of the SLS community. 

Please contact Sarah Wilson to ask about access (contact info above). 

So far in the series:

Interviewee(s) Interviewer(s) Date Recorded Location
John Merryman, SLS Professor, 1953-Present Barbara Babcock & Lawrence Friedman Sep 2007 SLS (Merryman office)
Catherine Nardone, former SLS Associate Dean for External Relations, until 2007 Frank Brucato Nov 2007 SLS (conference room)
Bayless Manning, SLS Dean, 1964-1971 Sarah Wilson Feb 2008 Boise, Idaho (Manning home)
Thomas Ehrlich, SLS Dean, 1971-1976 Sarah Wilson Jun 2008 Palo Alto (Carnegie Foundation)
Warren Christopher, Shirley Hufstedler & Seth Hufstedler, SLS Alums, class of 1949 Sarah Wilson Sep 2008 Los Angeles (Morrison & Foerster office)
Miguel Mendez, SLS Professor, 1977-2009 Michael Wald & Fred Alvarez '75 May 2009 SLS (Mendez office)
Thelton Henderson, SLS Assistant Dean for Student Affairs, 1968-1976 Diane Chin & Tyrone Holt '74 Dec 2012 SLS (conference room)
Barbara Babcock, SLS Professor, 1972-Present Cheryl Mills '90 & Norman Spaulding Oct 2013 & Jan 2014 SLS (conference room) & Babcock home
Marc Franklin, SLS Professor, 1962-Present Sarah Wilson Jan 2014 Portland, Oregon (Franklin home)