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The Arthur and Toni Rembe Rock Center for Corporate Governance at Stanford University is an important new chapter in the law school's pioneering efforts in corporate governance. Funded by a gift from legendary venture capitalist Arthur Rock and his wife Toni Rembe Rock, the Rock Center was founded at Stanford in 2006 with three objectives:

  • First, through conferences and seminars, engage key academics, regulators and professionals from the business and legal communities in the debate about corporate governance, bridging the gap between theory and practice;
  • Second, through research, online resources, and educational programs, the Rock Center hopes to advance intellectual understanding of the governance process;
  • Third, by developing new educational and course materials, the Rock Center hopes to strengthen corporate governance as an independent area of teaching and scholarship at law schools and business schools worldwide.

The Arthur and Toni Rembe Rock Center for Corporate Governance at Stanford University was created with the vision that advances in the understanding and practice of corporate governance are most likely to occur in a cross–disciplinary environment where economists, lawyers, financial experts, political scientists, engineers and practitioners can meet and work together. Stanford University, with leading schools of communications, economics, engineering, law and political science, can readily assemble cross–disciplinary teams. The Rock Center's goal is to tap this wealth of expertise to advance the practice and study of corporate governance and become an important voice in the debate over governance, both domestically and internationally.

Stanford Law School has more than a decade of investment in education, research and training for lawyers, practitioners, company officers and regulators who work in corporate governance. Its strengths in corporate law and business led the law school to initiate the executive education program named Directors' College in 1993. This annual event was the first program to bring together leading CEOs, directors, journalists, scholars and regulators for a rigorous examination of corporate governance concerns. It blends the latest information on critical issues facing every board today with seasoned perspectives on best boardroom practices.

The Rock Center's proposed initiatives include a diverse set of events that include seminars, conferences, and guest speakers addressing real world governance practices. The Rock Center will provide the focal point for sustained research and sponsor of key events that attract top academics, policy makers, practitioners and regulators. The center will develop and offer executive-level programs for outside audiences who shape the debate on governance.

Also planned is sponsorship of distinguished visitors at Stanford. Similar to a traditional fellowship, these prominent individuals with expertise and interest in corporate governance would spend two or more weeks in residence at Stanford, giving lectures, workshops, and teaching classes. The Rock Center will also attract leading practitioners and policymakers to speak at Stanford, including prominent executives from the local business, law and venture communities

Additionally, to educate the next generation of leaders on the new standards of corporate governance, the Rock Center faculty will develop new courses for business and law students. These will emphasize the financial, legal and ethical issues of corporate governance— in theory and in practice.