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Environmental and Natural Resources Law & Policy Program (ENRLP)

Affiliated Stanford Programs

Students at Stanford Law School enjoy not only the diverse opportunities of the Environmental and Natural Resources Law & Policy Program, but also a number of affiliated programs throughout the University, including:

  • Institute for International Studies (IIS)
    • The Center for Environmental Sciences & Policy at IIS seeks solutions to complex global environmental problems through science and policy research and the development of new instruments for environmental assessment, negotiation, remediation, and protection. The Environmental Forum at IIS regularly brings together a group of about 40 faculty members and graduate students to discuss interdisciplinary issues in environmental policy.
  • Interdisciplinary Graduate Program in Environment and Resources (IPER)
    IPER's goal is to train the next generation of scholars to find effective solutions to real-world problems. The Joint Master of Science is designed to provide training in interdisciplinary environmental problem solving for students enrolled in professional degree programs at Stanford University, including the Law School. It gives these graduate students the benefits of a rigorous interdisciplinary course of study, which complements their main degree program.
  • International Policy Studies (IPS)
    The Law School, in collaboration with the Institute for International Studies, the Hoover Institution, the Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research, the School of Humanities and Sciences, and other professional schools at Stanford, inaugurated the IPS dual-degree program in 1997. The program responds to the growing involvement of U.S. lawyers in other regions of the world and to the increasingly global dimensions of economic development, security issues, political economy, and the common environment.
  • Stanford Center on International Conflict and Negotiation (SCICN)
    An interdisciplinary research center dedicated to deepening our understanding of conflict and dispute resolution. A primary focus of SCCN involves identifying barriers—strategic, psychological, and institutional—to conflict resolution. SCCN actively advises and supports ENRLP's collaborative dialogues, offers an interdisciplinary seminar each year that is open to the public, and sponsors a graduate fellows program that provides research support for graduate students currently enrolled at Stanford, including Law School students.
  • Stanford Program in International Law
    A one-year postgraduate fellows program headquartered at the Law School that emphasizes research and interdisciplinary approaches to law. SPILS fellows are typically lawyers, judges, academics, mid-career executives, governmental officials, politicians, and others who have worked extensively outside the United States and who will return overseas on completion of the SPIL Program.