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Foreign Study Program Overview and Goals

Coordination with the Faculty Advisor

Students should arrange to remain in contact with the faculty advisor who approved the plan defining the student’s educational objectives for the foreign study after the period of foreign study begins. It is up to each student to make specific arrangements with his or her faculty advisor, but the following guidelines apply:

  • The student and faculty advisor should arrange to make contact by phone or email shortly after the student’s arrival at the foreign school. This is an early opportunity for the student to make the faculty advisor aware of any difficulties the student may be encountering in integrating into the foreign school.
  • The student should provide the faculty advisor with regular periodic updates (e.g., weekly or biweekly) on the student’s experience at the foreign school.
  • At the conclusion of the period of foreign study, the student must provide the faculty advisor with a written Final Report that: (a) describes the student’s academic and intellectual experience at the foreign school; (b) describes in summary form the student’s experience regarding institutional, administrative, and logistical matters; (c) indicates whether the student would recommend study at the foreign school for other Stanford Law School students; and (d) identifies any changes in the exchange program at the foreign school that the student would recommend. The Final Report should be in the 5‐ to 15‐page range. The Final Report must be submitted to the faculty advisor and the Foreign Law Programs Committee no later than the due date for papers written by non‐graduating students in courses during the quarter of foreign study.