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Transatlantic IP Law Project

TTLF's Transatlantic Intellectual Property Law Project examines the law and policy of the European Union and of other relevant European and international regimes regarding intellectual property rights and their effects on innovation, competition and economic growth. Particular attention will be given to economic and knowledge-based governance issues and regulatory practices affecting the transatlantic marketplace, as well as on comparative research on European and U.S. IP law and policy issues. The fields covered include:

  • Copyright
  • Patents
  • Trademarks
  • Design rights
  • Trade secrets
  • IP licensing
  • Enforcement of IP rights
  • Antitrust law

Researchers working in the field will find the TTLF's comprehensive online collection of EU and U.S. intellectual property law particularly useful. The collection can be found here: EU Intellectual Property Law, U.S. Intellectual Property Law.