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Stanford Environmental Law Journal (SELJ)


The Stanford Environmental Law Journal (ELJ) was founded in 1978, and is now considered one of the best environmental law journals in the nation. ELJ is a scholarly periodical dedicated to analyses of current environmental legal issues and policies.

Compiled and edited entirely by Stanford Law School students, ELJ publishes articles, and sometimes essays, on timely and important issues in natural resources law, environmental policy, law and economics, international environmental law, and other topics relating to law and the environment. For example, ELJ has covered such topics as hazardous waste, energy development, natural resources conservation and regulation, global warming, and environmental justice. In particular, ELJ seeks to educate regarding the complexities of the natural world as reflected in the law, and to impart an understanding of the environment within the framework of the legal system.

ELJ solicits submissions from academics, practitioners, and others; it also accepts student articles. ELJ publishes in January, March and June.

For more information contact the 2014-2015 leadership:
Elizabeth Hook , Co-Editor-in-Chief
Kori Lorick, Co-Editor-in-Chief
Lucia Roibal, Co-Editor-in-Chief
Amanda Prasuhn , Managing Editor
Jason George, Vice President
Cassidy Rice, Senior Editor
Philip Womble, Senior Editor