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Stanford Journal of Civil Rights and Civil Liberties (SJCRCL)


Founded in 2003, the Stanford Journal of Civil Rights and Civil Liberties is an interdisciplinary journal dedicated to civil rights and liberties issues both domestically and internationally. It seeks to explore the changing landscape of the civil rights and civil liberties dialogue, the real world implications of these changes on society, and the larger structural and systemic implications of these issues.

The Journal publishes twice a year in the Fall and Spring.


For more information, contact the 2013-2014 leadership:

Sabrina Forte, Editor-in-Chief:
Stephany Reaves, Editor-in-Chief:
Ben Chagnon, Senior Managing Editor:
Jack Kider, Senior Managing Editor:
Erin Cho, Senior Managing Editor for Online:
Caroline Esser, Submissions Editor:
Amelia Green, Submissions Editor:
Denise Ballesteros, Symposium Editor:
Michelle Lamy, Development Editor:
Alfredo Montelongo, Development Editor: