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Stanford Law & Policy Review (SLPR)


The Stanford Law & Policy Review (SLPR) is a non-ideological publication compiled and edited by students at Stanford Law School. While maintaining the scholarly standards of other law journals, SLPR is written for and distributed to the nation's policymakers: lawyers, judges, government officials, scholars in law and the social sciences, and leaders in the business world. Each issue features a symposium on a current policy topic. Articles are written and edited to present new and innovative ideas to readers in an accessible form. Editors not only ensure that arguments are well reasoned and supported, but also work with authors to express thoughts clearly and concisely so that readers with a wide array of talents and interests can benefit from the publication.

SLPR is a small business; students are responsible for all aspects of managing and producing the journal. Funding for SLPR comes from subscriptions, individual copy sales, advertising, and sponsorships. Students develop the business plan for the publication, create the budget, and coordinate subscription drives.

Students produce SLPR almost entirely with desktop publishing software. Students design the layout and style of the publication and see each article through the editing and production process. Staff also design some advertising graphics.

Staffing for SLPR comes from all three law school classes. Students can join as editor candidates during their first year. More experienced editors may become article editors responsible for an entire article. Second- and third-year students may also be selected to sit on the managing board.

For more information contact the 2015-2016 leadership:

Nari Ely, Co-Editor-in-Chief

John Mondel, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Trevor Ezell, Managing Editor

Drew Indorf, Managing Editor

Mengyi Xu, Executive Editor

Charlie Sprague, Lead Article Editor

Jason Despain, Lead Symposium Editor

Katie McKeon, Lead Notes Editor

Angela Guo, Development Editor

Joanna Pak, Development Editor