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Stanford faculty, students, and alumni are working to shape the future of law. Stanford Law School is a collegial community that brings great minds – brilliant faculty, distinguished alumni, and future leaders – together in collaborative, inspiring, productive dialogue.


Studying law at Stanford means access — direct, personal, one-on-one — to leaders in fields as diverse as constitutional law, cyberlaw, intellectual property, the environment, public interest, and corporate governance. Every day, Stanford legal scholars interact with the wider world — from congressional committees, international regulatory agencies, and judges at every level of the bench to CEOs, social activists, and the New York Times. And they still devote the majority of their time to what they value most: teaching and mentoring.

Academic & Research Fellows

Stanford Law School has a robust fellowship program that gives the world's best and brightest postgraduate students the opportunity to gain substantive teaching and research experience. From helping JD students apply classroom theory to real client settings to conducting cutting-edge interdisciplinary research, Stanford's fellows are shaping the future of the profession, the marketplace, and the world.


Each year Stanford Law School receives more than 4,500 applications from potential students and some 180 students join our community. Students come from across the United States and around the globe — from diverse careers in the public and private sector, small liberal arts colleges and institutes of technology, military academies and academies of art, theological seminaries and medical schools, distinguished state universities and centuries-old private universities.


Stanford Law School alumni may practice everywhere in the world – from Silicon Valley to Wall Street, Washington D.C., and the Pacific Rim – but remain a part of vivacious community that values innovation and collaboration with a focus on the future. Stanford Law School takes great pride in the achievements of its alumni; their leadership makes the law school a powerful force in shaping the law – and a magnet for tomorrow’s brilliant lawyers and legal scholars.


Helping students and alumni meet their academic and career goals with guidance, counseling and essential research and technical support, the Stanford Law School staff brings dedication and expertise that serves the entire community.