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Juha Vesala


Juha Vesala, from Finland, is a graduate of the Faculty of Law, University of Helsinki and holds a Master of Laws degree from the University of Minnesota Law School. Since 2003 he has taught and conducted research on antitrust law and intellectual property law at the Department of Private Law, University of Helsinki. At first, in a project of the Academy of Finland he published articles and a study on the regulation of anti-circumvention technologies in international, U.S. and E.C. copyright law. Currently, he is preparing a doctoral thesis on selected U.S. and E.C. antitrust issues in the licensing of technology. On those issues, he has also published articles and given presentations at international conferences. Moreover, while on leave from the University, he worked as Senior Research Officer at the Cartels Unit of the Finnish Competition Authority (2006 and 2008). Earlier, he was a Lawyer Trainee at the European Patent Office (2002). He joined the TTLF in April 2008.