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Robert L. Rabin
A. Calder Mackay Professor of Law

Affiliations & Honors

Professional Affiliations

  • Member, Editorial Board, Foundation Press
  • Member, Editorial Board, Tort Law Review
  • Member, Advisory Committee, Restatement of the Law, Third, Torts: General Principles
  • Member, Advisory Board, Journal of Tort Law, Berkeley Electronic Press

Awards and Endowed Lectures

  • Francis McGovern Writing Award, Academy of Court Appointed Masters, 2012
  • John G. Fleming Prize and Lecture, Univ. of California, Berkeley School of Law, 201l
  • Festschrift (dedicated to my academic work), Clifford Symposium on Tort Law and Social Policy, 2011
  • William Prosser Award for Scholarship, Teaching and Service, AALS Torts and Compensation Section, 2008
  • Robert B. McKay Award, American Bar Association, Contributions to Tort and Insurance Fields, 1997
  • Brescia Lectures on the American Tort System, Brescia Law School, 2011
  • Cleveland-Marshall College of Law Visiting Scholar and Lecturer, 2002
  • Food, Drug and Law Institute 1999 Law Professors Symposium, Keynote Speaker
  • Pisa Lectures on the American Tort System, Scuola Superiore, Santa Anna, 1999
  • Ahrens Advanced Tort Seminar Lecturer, Washburn Law School, 1997
  • Pfizer Lecture, Rutgers Law School, 1996
  • E. S. Gallon, Scholar-in-Residence and Lecturer, Univ. of Dayton Law School, 1992
  • Monsanto Lecture, Valparaiso Law School, 1992
  • Monsanto Lecture, Valparaiso Law School, 1987