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Will Drones Save Privacy Law?


Publication Date: 
August 05, 2011
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Bibliography: Ryan Calo, Will Drones Save Privacy Law?, Concurring Opinions, August 5, 2011.


Will Drones Save Privacy Law?

posted by Ryan Calo

Drones are coming to a city near you. On one view, they will further compromise our dwindling privacy. This post explores whether they might instead drag privacy law into the twenty-first century. Thanks to Danielle Citron for the charitable introduction and to everyone at Concurring Opinions for inviting me to guest blog this month.

The military makes widespread use of drones. The Air Force reported that by March of this year, drones had surpassed a million combat hours. Drones are also used within the United States. They patrol both our northern and southern border and have been used by the police in at least three counties. Kashmir Hill at and others have reported the use of smaller drones by News Corp. (which will do wonders, I’m sure, for their existing image).