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Drupal Accounts

Drupal accounts allow students to post events or edit content associated with their student organizations. Your organization must be listed on the Student Organizations page for you to request a Drupal account. If your organization isn't listed, contact Student Affairs at  student.affairs@

Event Manager Accounts:

Student organizations can have multiple Event Manager accounts. Being an Event Manager allows you to post events to the Online Calendar. You don't need this account to reserve a room for a casual meeting. For these types of events, you just need to fill out the room reservation form. To sign up for an Event Manager account, all you need to do is fill out this form

Content Manager Accounts:

Student organizations are allowed to have just one Content Manager account. This account lets you edit web pages that are associated with your student organization. All Content Managers must attend a 20-30 minute training with the Web Team. You can sign up for this account here.