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Status Reports

Every few weeks we get a status report via email to the webteam inbox. They have only two sections we need to worry about: New Hires and Terminations. First, upon receiving a status report you need to add all the information to the google document. Then once people's dates arrive you can make the live site changes.

Adding people to the google doc: every time you get a status report you need to add the person’s information the google document shared on the drive. You can follow the same steps for New Hires and Terminations here.

  1. Open the email about Status Reports
  2. Open the “Directory Updates" google document that's shared with you. This document has two tabs, “New Hires” and “Terminations.” Start by selecting the “New Hires” tab.
  3. Compare the information between the google doc document and email. Make sure no information has been changed for those names already on the sheet (dates occasionally change)
  4. Add any new people who appear on the latest Status Report that weren’t on your google doc.
  5. Repeat steps 1-4 for “Terminations” as well.

The google spreadsheets are what you use to keep track of updates for new hires and terminations. You should create (unpublished) profiles for new hires the week before they start. On the day they start you need to publish the profile and all child pages. For terminations you need to unpublish them the day their last day is. Below is a guide to both new hires and terminations.

New Hires:

  1. Open the "Directory Updates" google doc. This document has two tabs, “New Hires” and “Terminations.” Select the “New Hires” tab. For people whose dates are within a month, you need to create a profile for them.
  2. Check if the new hires have an existing profile by going to Content Management then All Content then searching for their name in the Title contains box. If they have an existing unpublished page, clear any irrelevant information (room, phone, etc.). If they have an existing published page leave it as is. 
  3. If they have an existing page skip this step. If they have no existing page then create one by going Content Management then Create Content then Person
    • Enter in their full name, first name, and last name
    • Click Yes to displaying them in the directory
    • Click the Page Visibility tab and unpublish them. Once their start day occurs publish their profile. 
  4. Click Save
  5. Update the excel document to "Created" for the visibility section. 


  1. Open the "Status Reports” excel document that’s saved on the desktop. This document has two tabs, “New Hires” and “Terminations.” Select the “Terminations” tab.
  2. Once someone's last day has passed, go to their profile and click Children. Unpublish any child pages that are related to the role they were just terminated form. IMPORTANT: if they have other roles that they were not terminated from leave these child pages published. Also leave their main page published. 
  3. To unpublish a page click its Edit link then go to Page Visibility and uncheck the box that says Pubslished. Click Save when done. 
  4. Once you've unpublished all their child pages related to the role they were just terminated from you can unpublish their main bio page if they have no other role at the law school. 
  5. Update the google document to "Unpublished" for the visibility section.