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2010 Reunion Class of 1975

35-Year Reunion

Alumni Weekend 2010 Pictures

Be sure to visit the Alumni Weekend 2010 Picture site to view pictures from your reunion. Here you will be able to download images and order prints. If you have pictures from the reunion you would like to have posted on the site, please email them to


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Class Gift

The Class of 1975 reunion volunteers have been driving the campaign by setting the following goals, and encouraging their classmates to support SLS:

Class Dollar Goal: $1,500,000 Participation Goal: 65%
Dollars to Date: $1,641,218 Participation to Date: 40%

As of October 25, 2010, the following classmates have donated to their class campaign:

Fred W. Alvarez
Scott I. Asner
William J. Baer
Tyler A. Baker III
Robert N. Barnard
Stuart J. Baskin
David T. Bates
Bradford Baugh
Stephen P. Berke
Dave R. Bonelli
Rand S. Burnett
Dwight Cary
Francis C. Cavagnaro
Nancy M. Cohen
Ronald L. Cohen
Ellen B. Corenswet
Mary B. Cranston
Robert L. Davis
Michael A. Duncheon
Randall L. Dunn
Peter S. Ehrlichman
Laurence C. Franklin
Bryant G. Garth
Richard W. Harris
James K. Hayner
Nancy H. Hendry
David J. Hooker
Carl B. Ingram
Thomas C. Kildebeck
Kris D. Knudsen
Michael A. Kresser
Kathleen M. Mack
Roanne L. Mann
John W. Manning
Virginia G. Maurer
Howard S. Miller
Michael D. Miller
Dianne M. Millner
Carlos R. Moreno
Richard M. Murphy
Bruce P. Nolop
James B. Overman
Robert D. Plattner
Alma Robinson
Laura M. Rosenthal
Jeffrey S. Ross
Daniel R. Salas
Laura Stern Seaver
R. Carlton Seaver
Charles D. Siegal
Fern M. Smith
Margo D. Smith
William Randolph Smith
Ann M. Stanton
David M. Stern
Blair W. Stewart, Jr.
Scott A. Sugarman
Lola B. Thomas
Jay N. Varon
James F. Vernon
Gayl A. Westendorf
Michael H. Wetmore
Frederick T. Williams