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2010 Reunion Class of 1980

30-Year Reunion

Alumni Weekend 2010 Pictures

Be sure to visit the Alumni Weekend 2010 Picture site to view pictures from your reunion. Here you will be able to download images and order prints. If you have pictures from the reunion you would like to have posted on the site, please email them to


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Class Gift

The Class of 1980 reunion volunteers have been driving the campaign by setting the following goal, and encouraging their classmates to support SLS:

Participation Goal: 50%
Participation to Date: 45%

As of October 25, 2010, the following classmates have given to their class campaign:

Lisa G. Alsup
Karl B. Anderson
Rachel L. Bagby
William M. Barnum, Jr.
Cynthia L. Beck
Ronald N. Beck
Robert B. Bell
Craig H. Bennion
Alec S. Berman
Norman J. Blears
David B. Block Temin
Robert I. Bodian
A. Victor Bruni
Lee B. Burgunder
Mari C. Bush
Scott I. Canel
Glenn C. Carpenter
Catherine A. Cotter
Joseph F. Coyne, Jr.
James S. Crown
Mark G. Cunha
Terence P. Fitzgerald
Jacquelyn J. Garman
Michael J. Grad
Catherine H. Greer
George E. Greer
Elizabeth A. Grimes
Mr. W. Kirk Grimm
John M. Hackmann
Marcia Hansen
Georgia K. Heth
Norman M. Hirsch
Marcia K. Horn
Christopher H. Howard
Michael R. Jacobson
Reuben Jeffery III
G. Bradford Jones
Joan Hood Jones
Mark S. Kuskin
Paul J. Larkin, Jr.
William G. Lawlor
David F. Levi
Ralph E. Lindzon
Lars E. Loren
Bruce J. Macewen
Bruce A. Machmeier
Donald L. Maruska
Susan W. McFadden
Ronald A. Milzer
Andrew J. Morrow, Jr.
Patrick J. Noonan
Deborah D. Norberg
Clarence Otis, Jr.
Russell B. Pyne
William K. Rawson
Jonathan D. Reichman
John S. Riper
Katherine J. Rodgers
John V. Roos
Andrew M. Ross
Anton J. Rupert
Michael J. Rusing
John S. Shaw III
Victor M. Sher
Wayne Simon
Brian W. Steffensen
Martin D. Stuber
Bruce A. Toth
David W. Trotter
Thomas M. Vitale
Nancy S. Walden
Richard G. Wilson
Peter L. Winik
David W. Wong
Christopher J. Wright
Stephen M. Wurzburg
Robert L. Zaletel
Dean J. Zipser