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2010 Reunion Class of 1985

25-Year Reunion

Alumni Weekend 2010 Pictures

Be sure to visit the Alumni Weekend 2010 Picture site to view pictures from your reunion. Here you will be able to download images and order prints. If you have pictures from the reunion you would like to have posted on the site, please email them to


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Class Gift

The Class of 1985 reunion volunteers have been driving the campaign by setting the following goals, and encouraging their classmates to support SLS:

Class Dollar Goal: $2,000,000 Participation Goal: 50%
Dollars to Date: $1,690,235 Participation to Date: 42%

As of October 25, 2010, the following classmates have given to their class campaign:

Edward T. Attanasio
Christopher S. Bertics
Martin R. Boles
Maria Dante Brown
Deborah Derow Bruenell
Daniel J. Bussel
Margaret R. Caldwell
D. Jeffrey Campbell
Ellen V. Chiniara
Gary D. Cole
Virginia R. Coles
Robert E. Coltin
Joseph J. Costello
Karen A. Curosh
C. Brooks Cutter
Philip H. Darrow
Steven E. Dinkelspiel
Jonathan D. Drucker
Bonnie E. Eskenazi
Jordan Eth
Norman W. Fichthorn
Steven J. Gavin
Margo R. George
Catherine Glaze
Steven L. Goldfarb
David P. Hariton
Denis A. Hayes
Kirby A. Heller
David A. Hollander
John A. Ingrassia
Rex S. Jackson
Joseph Jest
Brian N. Kaufman
Brian E. Keating
Stan H. Koyanagi
Carol Chien-Hua Lam
Michael R. Leslie
Louis M. Lupin
John L. MacCarthy
Elizabeth S. Malone
Leslie Seid Margolis
Ann K. Matthews
Kathleen L. Millian
Mark S. Ostrau
John G. Ott
John E. Place, Jr.
Nancy B. Rapoport
Brian E. Rice
John W. Rosenzweig
Yolanda L. Ross
Brent E. Rychener
Eric A. Smith
Jesse C. Smith
Ann Southworth
Laurence J. Stein
Miriam Stein
Evan M. Tager
Kathryn A. Taylor
Robert D. Taylor
Kristin Tita
Robert L. Vogel
Thomas S. Wisialowski
Risa L. Wolf-Smith
Mark N. Yeager
Robert J. Zalucki
John H. Zobel