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2012 Reunion Class of 1987

25-Year Reunion

Thank you to everyone who was able to attend Alumni Weekend 2012!

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Class Gift: Donors to Date

The Class of 1987 reunion volunteers have been driving the campaign by setting the following goals, and encouraging their classmates to support SLS:

Class Dollar Goal: $1,250,000 Participation Goal: 50%
Dollars to Date: $1,500,000 Participation to Date: 46%

As of December 31, 2012 the following classmates have given to their 25th reunion campaign:

John E. Aguirre
Linda D. Aguirre
Gary G. Allen
R. David Andrews
Mary C. Andry
John B. Ayer
Farhad Bahar
Karen B. Barr
James Bass
Davies B. Beller
Richard P. Bress
Brian J. Brille
James M. Carr
Fred H. Cate
Theodore M. Cooperstein
Steven J. Cox
David J. DiMeglio
Jennifer A. Drobac
Susan Scheiber Edelman
Tamar S. Eisen
Mark D. Elliott
F. Christopher Fahland
Juli E. Farris
Laura Feigin Levine
Robert M. Finkle
Ivan K. Fong
Jonathan J. Freedman
Jay M. Gabriel
Anne Haley
Jonathan A. Harris
Martha S. Hawver
Janet  Hurley
David M. Hymer
Timothy J. Kay
Lauri Kien Kotcher
Jennifer L. King
Judith T. Kitano
Frederick J. Knecht
John H. Knox
Larry S. Krasner
Mark J. Larson
Elizabeth A. Leff
Steven D. Levere
Alex B. Levinson
Thomas R. Lubin
Richard W. Mass
Lawrence T. Martinez
Andrew G. McBride
Bryan T. McGinnis
Thomas L. McGovern III
Cindy S. Moelis
Ilene H. Nagel
Christopher C. Paci
Laura M. Padilla
Sara L. Peterson
Lawrence S. Pryor
Lisa M. Rau
Robert S. Rivkin
Gary M. Roberts
Sally A. Rocker
Marc S. Rotenberg
Bruce B. Ryan
William E. Ryan III
Kiye M. Sakai
Michael E. Sears
Steven Semeraro
Deborah A. Sivas
Stacey L. Sovereign
Nancy J. Spencer
Kathi W. Teitelbaum
Jody Tabner Thayer
Vanessa W. Vallarta
Thomas S. Waldo
Anitra F. Waldo
Kent Walker
Keith K. Wollenberg
Dennis M. Zaslavsky
Marc J. Zilversmit