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Areas of Interest

Over the past decade, Stanford has intensified its focus on preparing students for careers teaching law and has emerged as a dominant force in legal academia. A number of factors make Stanford an exciting place to prepare for an academic career in law. Stanford Law School's Program for Aspiring Law Teachers offers many structured opportunities to gain exposure to legal scholarship, produce it, and prepare to cultivate the next generation of lawyers.

At Stanford Law School, clinical education accomplishes many goals. It is a vital part of our mission to prepare every student for the real-world challenges, responsibilities, and rewards of a career-any career-in law. At the same time, it helps instill in students a fundamental commitment to a lifetime engagement with public service and pro bono activities. In addition, it is one of the ways we give back to our community.

Today's law graduates enter a world in which little stops at the borders between nations. International trade and tribunals, human rights and intellectual property, business deals and war crimes-there is a pervasive global dimension to the work of lawyers, judges, and legal scholars, and Stanford Law School prepares students to step up to the challenge.

Across the United States and around the world, law is a major instrument of public policy. Now, through Stanford's new interdisciplinary program in public policy, law students can gain the skills and knowledge to develop, advocate for, and implement policy that shapes the lives of people everywhere.

Where law intersects with business and economics, the most important capital is intellectual. With its renowned faculty and a global, entrepreneurial perspective that melds cutting-edge theory with pragmatic business experience—in the heart of Silicon Valley, at the edge of the Pacific Rim—Stanford Law has the capital and energy to bring this legal frontier to life for students.

Civil liberties on the Net. Stem cell research. Personal genomics. Digital archives. Music file sharing. Trade secrets. International movie piracy. Clean technology. There’s a new issue every day at the intersection of law, science and technology. At Stanford Law, students can explore this amazing frontier—and shape the future.

Lawyers who serve the public harness the law's power as a catalyst for positive change in the world. Stanford Law School is proud to provide those who choose public service with the expert training, guidance, and financial support they need to achieve their goals. At the same time, we seek to inspire all our students to experience the rewards of using their legal training to serve their communities and society.