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The Chance to Learn by Doing

Students in the Mills Legal Clinic practice law in a wide variety of areas and forums and have had opportunities to:

Negotiate with school officials to develop an individualized education plan for an 8-year-old child with Asperger’s Syndrome.

Negotiate with employers who have failed to pay their workers overtime in violation of federal and state labor standards statutes.

Serve as prosecuting attorneys in preparing and presenting testimony of police officers and other witnesses in response to a defendant’s motion to suppress evidence on the grounds that the police search violated the Fourth Amendment.

Present oral arguments before the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit [sitting in a panel that included retired Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor ’52 (BA ’50)] on behalf of cross-country skiers who challenged the government’s claim that it had no power to close a wilderness area to snowmobilers.

Represent a defendant who was sentenced to 25-years-to-life imprisonment after being convicted of attempted petty theft, which constituted his “third strike.”

Prove to an immigration judge that the client whom the government was seeking to deport as an alien was, in fact, a United States citizen and therefore clearly not subject to removal based on an old criminal conviction.

Draft template commercial agreements for a private foundation and for nonprofits involved in healthcare, open source software, and other areas.

Present oral argument on behalf of a client who posted an anonymous comment on a website and was asserting the right to ask a court to prevent the Internet service provider from disclosing his or her identity.

Litigate before a United States district court on behalf of environmental organizations challenging the government’s plan to create the world’s largest waste landfill on the outskirts of Joshua Tree National Park.

Work with Namibia’s premier human rights NGO, the Legal Assistance Centre, on an investigation of the forced sterilization of women living with HIV or AIDS.

Serve as counsel for a Vietnamese immigrant seeking to secure legal status under the Violence Against Women Act on the grounds that her husband had subjected her to extensive physical abuse.

Represent a deaf and autistic child who has been denied admission to the California School for the Deaf, which refuses to admit students with multiple disabilities.

Help prepare briefs and oral arguments on behalf of a Louisiana defendant who has been sentenced to death even though no one died as a result of the crime for which he was convicted.