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The Intellectual Capital to Lead

Where law intersects with business and economics, the most important capital is intellectual. With its renowned faculty and a global, entrepreneurial perspective that melds cutting-edge theory with pragmatic business experience—in the heart of Silicon Valley, at the edge of the Pacific Rim—Stanford Law has the capital and energy to bring this legal frontier to life for students.

Advantages of Location

Stanford Law’s relationship with Silicon Valley provides a portal to knowledge and experience for students interested in how law, economics, and business come together. Add access to the intellectual resources of Stanford University, a position on the Pacific Rim, and proximity to Latin America—two of the world’s most important markets—and you’ll understand why Stanford is the ideal campus for exploring the intersection of law, economics, and business.

International Scope

Stanford Law offers students who earned their primary law degree outside the United States an opportunity to pursue a Master of Laws (LLM) in Corporate Governance & Practice or in International Economic Law, Business & Policy.

LEB/Rock Center Affiliates Program

In addition to integrating cutting-edge scholarship, empirical research and policymaking, Stanford Law aims to raise professional and public awareness and promote informed public policy at the intersection of law, economics, and business. Each year, law firms and corporations provide critical support for research, teaching, and program development through the LEB/Rock Center Affiliates Program.

A Leading Intellectual Community

An advantageous location, a reputation for innovation and impact, and a strong intellectual community make Stanford Law a magnet for leading scholars, legal practitioners, and business leaders who are shaping the field of law, economics, and business, while educating tomorrow’s lawyers, entrepreneurs, and executives.

Programs with Breadth and Depth

Programs in law, economics and business at Stanford Law School transcend the teaching of specific skills and a defined body of knowledge. Our goal is to inspire students who will go on to shape how law is practiced and how it adds value in an increasingly complex global marketplace.

The John M. Olin Program

Outstanding students may apply to the Olin Program for grants and fellowships to support research or the pursuit of a joint degree in law and economics. Students have used their Olin grants to underwrite independent projects on everything from regulatory issues on the Internet to voting coalitions in publicly held corporations. Olin fellowships provide both compensation and travel expenses to underwrite student work.

Excellence in Executive Education & Learning Beyond Law

Excellence in Executive Education

Widely considered the most prestigious executive education program of its kind, Stanford Law’s Directors’ College is an intensive two-day event for directors and senior executives of publicly traded corporations. Each year, CEOs, directors, jurists, scholars, and regulators from across the country and abroad gather on campus for a rigorous examination of corporate governance challenges, with an emphasis on practical strategies.

Innovation, Influence, and Impact

Through a center focused on innovation and collaboration, Stanford Law is shaping the future of corporate governance. The center’s programs—and the leading researchers, legal practitioners, and business and policy experts they attract—provide a broad range of learning opportunities for students pursuing a future in any field affected by law, economics, and business.

Hands-On Experience

Stanford Law School’s programs in law, economics and business blend theory and practice, intensive classroom learning and hands-on experience. Students can work on a business law journal, join a vibrant student organization, organize a panel, develop a conference, customize an interdisciplinary degree or legal concentration—and pursue the career path of their dreams.

With Stanford Law resources and the support of an open, entrepreneurial intellectual community, anything is possible.

The Chance to Learn by Doing

Students in Stanford Law School’s programs in law, economics and business benefit from diverse opportunities to explore the intersection of legal theory and practice and gain career-shaping insight and experience.

Join the conversation as directors from leading companies around the world confront the toughest issues in corporate directorship today—from compensation and succession planning to governance and corporate responsibility—through Directors’ College.