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Student Journals

Stanford Environmental Law Journal (SELJ)

The Stanford Environmental Law Journal (ELJ) was founded in 1978, and is now considered one of the best environmental law journals in the nation. ELJ is a semiannual scholarly periodical dedicated to analyses of current environmental legal issues and policies.

Stanford Journal of International Law (SJIL)

The Stanford Journal of International Law (SJIL) is a scholarly periodical devoted to analyses of current international legal issues. The student-run biannual prints articles by professors, practitioners, and students on a wide range of legal topics, including public international law, human rights, international trade, and comparative law. SJIL also publishes book reviews.

Stanford Journal of Law, Business & Finance (SJLBF)

The Stanford Journal of Law, Business & Finance (SJLBF) is a semiannual publication dedicated to exploring legal issues in the fields of business and finance. Edited and operated by students in all three classes of the Law School, SJLBF brings a practical focus to the world of legal scholarship.

Stanford Law & Policy Review (SLPR)

The Stanford Law & Policy Review (SLPR) is a non-ideological publication compiled and edited by students at Stanford Law School. While maintaining the scholarly standards of other law journals, SLPR is written for and distributed to the nation's policymakers: lawyers, judges, government officials, scholars in law and the social sciences, and leaders in the business world.