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Experience and Inspiration

Honing writing and research skills on a law review or newsletter. Getting involved in international projects. Hearing directly from leaders in the field. Sharing ideas and resources through student organizations. A summer job or externship with a global high-tech leader. At Stanford, opportunitiesto explore ideas and pursue careers in law, science, and technology extend far beyond the classroom.

Diverse experiences make studying law, science, and technology at Stanford a challenging, enlightening, enriching experience. The Stanford Technology Law Review is an innovative forum for intellectual discourse on critical issues at the intersection of law, science, technology, and public policy. Working with noted scholars, students can develop strong writing and editing skills and gain experience with Internet publishing technology. They can also get involved with newsletters for the legal community. And because this evolving field knows no geographic boundaries, students can explore law, science, and technology issues through special international projects.

Each year, LST holds conferences, from academic colloquia to advanced continuing legal education programs. Affiliated centers also sponsor conferences targeting policymakers, federal judges, practicing lawyers, and corporations. Students can take advantage of the intellectual resources these programs bring to campus, finding inspiration for new ideas and future careers.

One of the greatest advantages of studying law, science, and technology at Stanford is an engaged student community. Student-run organizations such as the Stanford Law and Technology Association and Stanford BioLaw and Health Policy Society provide opportunities to get involved and share ideas and resources. Students take the lead in inviting judges, lawyers, and technologists to campus to speak on issues of interest to them, and organize conferences in conjunction with other Bay Area schools. Both students and alumni enjoy extraordinary career placement advantages with prominent law firms, universities, high-tech companies, government, and the judiciary—evidence that a career that begins at Stanford Law is as promising as the evolving frontier where law meets science and technology.