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A Field That Shapes The Future

Civil liberties on the Net. Stem cell research. Personal genomics. Digital archives. Music file sharing. Trade secrets. International movie piracy. Clean technology. There’s a new issue every day at the intersection of law, science and technology. At Stanford Law, students can explore this amazing frontier—and shape the future.

An Incubator for Innovation

Being on the Stanford campus and in Silicon Valley provides access to the real movers and shakers in science and technology: established high-tech leaders and entrepreneurs; groundbreaking biotech companies; the venture capital firms fueling innovation; top schools of engineering, medicine, business, and myriad sciences. These partners and neighbors enrich the law, science, and technology experience at Stanford.

Breakthrough Thinkers and Educators

Stanford Law’s reputation and intellectual resources make its Program in Law, Science & Technology a magnet for productive scholars and industry leaders to teach and inspire tomorrow’s lawyers and leaders.

A Balanced Approach

The Stanford Program in Law, Science & Technology’s strong and expanding curriculum emphasizes both theory and practice. Not only do students explore a broad base of concepts at the heart of this emerging field—they also can develop their lawyering skills while establishing new legal precedent through the Stanford Center for Internet and Society’s Fair Use Project.

Research That Matters

Through research centers dedicated to exploring electronic commerce, the Internet and society, and bioscience law, Stanford Law contributes cutting-edge scholarship and trains the next generation of leaders in law, science, and technology.

Much of Stanford’s work in law, science, and technology takes place through three centers that provide a neutral forum for interdisciplinary investigation that shapes real-world law.

Experience and Inspiration

Honing writing and research skills on a law review or newsletter. Getting involved in international projects. Hearing directly from leaders in the field. Sharing ideas and resources through student organizations. A summer job or externship with a global high-tech leader. At Stanford, opportunitiesto explore ideas and pursue careers in law, science, and technology extend far beyond the classroom.

Conference Close-Ups

Legal Challenges in an Age of Robotics

Once relegated to factories and fiction, robots are rapidly entering the mainstream. Advances in artificial intelligence translate into ever-broadening functionality and autonomy. Recent years have seen an explosion in the use of robotics in warfare, medicine, and exploration. Industry analysts and UN statistics predict equally significant growth in the market for personal or service robotics over the next few years. What unique legal challenges will the widespread availability of sophisticated robots pose?

The Chance to Learn by Doing

With its Silicon Valley location, prestigious faculty and alumni, and cutting-edge events, centers, and programs, Stanford offers unmatched opportunities to experience law, science, and technology.

Be on the forefront of emerging issues—from high-tech crime to genetic engineering—where leaders are shaping the laws that shape the impact of technology and science in our lives.

Blur disciplinary boundaries by customizing a joint degree—law and biology? law and computer science?—that matches a specific career vision.